21-27 August 2017

An opportunity for us as Heart Church to get out and serve our city, practically demonstrating the love of God.

Wow, what a week we had across Heart Week 2017!! Around 220 volunteers engaged, with all 313 volunteer spaces being filled. 500 people touched across the 18 events with approximately 40-50 people attended Picnic in the Park who we had met over the course of the week. Over 900 hours served across 18 events in 7 days. 260 plus people taken on day trips, 4 house decorations and over 130 people attended the Bestwood Community Days. THANK YOU HEART CHURCH! Here are a few stories coming out of the week so far:

House Refurbs

We did four house decorations for families in need of support across our city. One mother we connected with in Bilborough was overwhelmed. She has had her whole house painted, IKEA furniture erected and soft furnishings purchased for her family. She attended our Picnic in the Park on the Sunday and has really bonded with some of our volunteers who are maintaining an ongoing relationship with her. She has invited four of them over for dinner at her house to say thank you. One of the volunteers spontaneously decided to purchase a fridge freezer for the family which we collected and dropped off from IKEA during Heart Week. She was overwhelmed with how we have loved on them as a family and these extra unplanned touches just show the culture of generosity we are developing here at Heart Church.

Day Trip

One volunteer attended the day trip to Twycross Zoo. She met one family in the car park and prayed she would be able to connect with them on the coach. They invited her to sit next to them and by the end of the day she had built a really great relationship. On the way back she found out they live on the same street as her! She has already been round for food and established an ongoing relationship with this family from Syria. We have been so encouraged by stories like these where people from Heart Church have made lasting relationships with people they met at Heart Week events. This is what Heart Week is all about, not just one off ‘acts of service’ (although these have great value) but helping us as a church make connections with people in our city who we might otherwise never get to connect with. Many such connections were made across the week.

Jericho Road Refurb

As part of the refurb of the Jericho Road Project we also presented them with a cheque for £500. The staff were in tears and simply overwhelmed by the support we have shown them as a church. We were able to decorate their day room for the women, their main reception room (feature wall), their front entrance and their outreach minibus!

Emmanuel House Celebration

At the Emmanuel House party we expressed the pulse of Heart Church with excellence on display across the event. Deckchair barbers doing the haircuts and Pudding Pantry the coffee and cakes. The guests were so touched that we would provide such excellence for the homeless and vulnerable housed of our city. One gentleman was meeting his sister for the first time in 5 years and was so delighted he could go to meet her with a smart new haircut!. We love that as a church family we could give excellence to those that so often are ignored and marginalised in our city. It displays the heart of our Father!

Bestwood Community Days

The Community Days in Bestwood saw 130 people or so attend, with many parents engaging with our team which was just brilliant. Many commented on how great the days were and a number of the families then attended the Picnic in the Park on the Sunday. Nottingham City Council (whose building we were using) have since asked that we be present at other community events in our city because of how professionally and excellently we ran the sessions.

Partner Meal

The Partner meal on the Friday night was such a creative way of expressing our heart of generosity to our city. All the guests were just amazed and stunned that we would want to do that for them. Excellent food, car cleaning at City Campus, wonderful hospitality displayed. One of the guests was the newly appointed head of fostering at Nottingham City Council. He was deeply touched by the evening and that as a church we would do this by way of a ‘thank you for what you do’. He wants to get in contact with us as a church to see again how we can further work together. Our heart in action across these 7 days is making an impression on our city, including those in positions of influence.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone that got involved and served so passionately. We have made a huge impact on our city through Heart Week 2017, hundreds of lives have been touched and we believe many more testimonies are to come as the relationships established across Heart Week continue. Please continue to pray for these relationships and that those we engaged with across the 18 events would further experience the heart of God towards them as they reflect on their experiences.

And finally, HEART WEEK 2018 dates are already released, Monday 20th until Sunday 26th August, get the dates in your diary now!